Facebook for Business

Are you ready to grow your business online? Want to learn how to use Facebook to make sales?

Are you struggling with using Facebook for Business?   

Do you want to understand how to use Facebook to make more sales?  

In this course,  I take you by the hand and guide you as you create, promote and profit from using Facebook business pages.

I take you through EVERY step, so you know exactly what you’re doing at all times.

What's included

Seve fantastic modules covering every step you need:

  • starting up, what to post, how to create posts, how to use video on Facebook, going “live” how to check your successes, create your first Facebook advert and understand how to use Facebook Insights.

Module 1 - Introduction
  • Introduction to the course
  • How to use Facebook for Business
  • Why using Facebook will help your business reach more customers and drive sales for your business

Module 2 - Setting up your Facebook Page
  • Detailed walkthrough how to create your page.
  • Choosing the different options available
  • Navigate the Page Settings
  • Add your contact details
  • Write your short and long page descriptions to attract the right people on Facebook
  • Create your Cover Photo
  • What to use for your profile picture

Module 3 - What, when and how to post
  • What, when and how to post on your Facebook page.
  • Create a planned strategic way forward for putting content on your Facebook page.
  • Fresh ideas for what to post on your Facebook page
  • how to appeal to your ideal client
  • how to create events
  • how to drive engagement on your Facebook page
  • how to use your Facebook Page to generate leads and sales in your business.

Module 4 - Dealing with customer queries and complaints
  • How to manage customer inquiries (good and bad)
  • Why you should always respond to customer inquiries or complaints
  • How to turn a negative experience into a positive one and ensure all customers leave happy
  • How to use Messenger on your page
  • How to automatically reply to any customer message

Module 5 - Facebook Advertising
  • Create your first Facebook Advert using AdsManager
  • Setting up your first advert
  • Choose your audience
  • Pick the right image
  • Choosing the right objective for your advert
  • How to pick a budget
  • How to schedule your advert runtime and why this matters for the Facebook algorithm
  • Why I recommend not using ‘Boost Post’
  • Reaching the right audience
  • How Facebook scores your advert and what to do about it
  • When your advert is completed, how to interpret the results

Module 6 - Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Insights
  • What is and isn’t working on your page
  • How to use Insights to identify your audience – age, location, names, male/female, interests
  • You can see what posts are working best for your audience and what is not.
  • Follow up to five other similar pages and compare their insights with yours
  • Find out how your videos are received – what point do your audience stop watching?
  • Use Facebook Insights to keep reviewing your strategy and improve your page reach

Module 7 - Facebook Video
  • How to start using video on Facebook
  • Why video is the future of online marketing
  • How to do your first Facebook live
  • How to prepare in advance for your Facebook lives
  • Screen walkthrough uploading your own video directly to Facebook
  • How to get text to show up on your video
  • How to plan ahead for your Facebook lives so you can come across as a professional to your audience,
  • Best practice for creating and editing videos.

"If you are starting out a new business venture, or friends and family are suggesting – “You need to get your business on Facebook!”, then Louise Brogan’s Facebook for Business’ is the right place to start. Louise walks you through from step 1 how to set up a business page and then promote your business to clients and customers who are looking for your products or services but can’t find you."

Pam Hiley, Ontario, Canada

What's included?

13 Videos
Louise Brogan
Louise Brogan
Online Business Consultant

About the instructor

Louise Brogan is an online business builder.   Since 2014,  Louise has been teaching entrepreneurs, small businesses and professionals how to raise their visibility online.  As founder of Social Bee NI,  Louise launched the Social Bee Academy to be able to help more people like YOU figure out how to build a profitable business through online marketing.  


Fed up posting on Facebook every day and getting no results?    Don't give up on Facebook for growing your business -  it is the MAIN social media platform for consumers who want to do business with YOU! 

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